How to Worldschool

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Free download of my guide, world schooling primer for petrified parents

In this guide, I provide practical tips on how you can give your children a WORLD CLASS education while traveling.

Give Your Kids a World Class Education, Through Travel

Day 3 - Facilitated by Jennifer Sutherland-Miller

One of the big worries that parents have when dreaming of big-time travel with their kids is education. What will you do about school? How will you get the time off? Can you teach your children yourself? Will they get behind? How do you cover all of the subjects, with multiple kids, at multiple levels, juggling the rest of life, AND travel?

It’s different for every family. Some people are looking to take a semester or a year off of traditional school and need to get their educational institutions on board. Others are interested in having their kids attend international schools around the world. Still others are thinking about worldschooling but worrying about the logistics.

How do you give your kids a world class education while traveling?

  • How do you choose or develop curriculum?
  • How do you make sure they are on pace with their peers and “keeping up?”
  • How do you maximize the educational potential of the places you go?
  • How do you deal with critics and the inevitable doubt?
  • How do you teach writing, math, science, or history when you’re not a teacher?
  • What about socialization?
  • How do you get them into a good university when the time comes?

All of these questions and so many more will be answered at Family Adventure Academy. Most importantly, your specific questions will be answered, because this is about you, and your journey.

A little background on me, Jennifer Sutherland-Miller

I was born to traveling parents and was worldschooled before there was a word for it. After getting my degree in education and teaching for a little while, I decided not to send my own children to school because I knew that there was so much more for them beyond the four walls of a classroom.

In 2008 our family took off for one year of family travel, to ride our bicycles from London, UK, to North Africa and back. The kids were 5, 7, 9, & 11 when we left, that was 12 years ago, and we’re still traveling.

Four kids, lots of learning styles, lots of phases of life, from birth through university… about 50 countries, six continents, and over a decade of full time family travel… it’s possible that we’ve experienced some of what you’re going through, and I make it my mission to help you find the path that suits you (even when it’s very different from mine!).

If you’re looking for help in figuring out the worldschooling piece of the puzzle to give you the lifestyle freedom you’re wanting, then join me at Family Adventure Academy. Here are some of the things we’ll be covering.

  • We can talk  about where you’re stuck
  • We can work together define your educational plan
  • We can strategize the university entrance piece of the puzzle
  • We can get you connected with like-minded families
  • Together we’ll build a plan for your family that meets your individual needs, and those of your specific children

But I’ll also be covering:

  • Educational philosophy & defining education
  • How to figure out what kind of worldschooling is a good fit
  • Dealing with fears of educational failure
  • Finding your pattern for learning
  • Deciding what to teach (when, and how!)
  • Educating strong willed kids
  • How to teach writing
  • How to teach math
  • How to teach art and music
  • How to teach history & geography
  • How to teach literature
  • A very practical breakdown of how to plan your curriculum or learning journey
  • Planning for high school
  • How, specifically, to get them into university if they want to go

If you’re ready to join me, click here to get your Family Adventure Academy tickets today.

A Gift for you!
Free download of my guide, world schooling primer for petrified parents

In this guide, I provide practical tips on how you can give your children a WORLD CLASS education while traveling.


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