How to Afford Long-Term Family Travel

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In this guide, I provide practical tips on how you stretch your family travel budget to live and travel in Europe on around 1000€ a month!

Tricks, Tips, Hints and Hacks of Cost-Effective & Meaningful Long-Term Family Travel

Day 1 - Facilitated by George Kaponay

Could Long-Term Family Travel (LTFT) potentially be the life transformative family experience you are all seeking? This is a question more and more families are asking themselves today as they set out on the road. However, is the grass always greener on the other side of the the fence? This is often the million dollar question fraught with peril in the minds of most families starting out. So how do you find out?

Is Long-Term Family Travel the panacea for your family?

  • Do you know the reasons why you wish to travel together as a family?
  • Do you know which direction, physical and intrinsic you need to take?
  • What meaning and purpose will LTFT gift your family that staying at home won’t?

Did you also know?

  • That as a US Citizen that you could gain a tax break of up to $104K a year through Foreign Income Exclusion, if you earn you income outside of the US?
  • That as a US Citizen you could halve the cost of your health insurance just because you are traveling and living outside of the US?
  • That you could potentially reduce the cost of your living expenses by more than half of what you are spending today in the US?
  • That you and your family (of up to 4 people) could live and travel the world on around $25K-$30K USD a year?

Join us for a day-long Travel Academy with a difference

These are the questions we will cover on Day 1 of our Family Adventure Academy. We will start where Long-Term Travel should really start, the questions of the direction you are wishing to take and the reasons why. Through various fun activities and exercises we can help you clarify that direction and give you the framework to build a plan that has all the meaning and purpose your family story will need to thrive.

Then we will dive deep into all the tricks, tips, hints and hacks that has allowed our family to live, travel, learn, and explore the world, all for under $25K USD a year for our family of four.

A little background on me, George Kaponay

In 2008, after nearly 20 years of working for corporate America in the technology industry in sales and international management roles and founding and running my own consulting businesses, something drastic changed in my life. Along with my wife, we heard a deep and intrinsic calling to take back ownership and the direction our lives were taking. This all started with liberating our children from the schooling system and taking on the responsibility of raising them ourselves. We found that we loved being together all the time. We loved taking long walks and having wonderful experiences learning together naturally, led by the inspiration of our conversations and the in-the-moment opportunities that we created for ourselves.

This led us to follow our passions and create a small business that was inspired by our intuition and supported us being together all the time. This change in direction afforded us the opportunity to ask ourselves the really hard questions and contemplate what was most meaningful to us. We made changes to our lifestyle, starting by ridding ourselves of most of the useless things we had accumulated over years and years of consumption. We sold our house, we sold our extra car. We made changes in the foods we ate, becoming vegetarian and eventually vegan. We became aware of the information we had been consuming, and we stopped watching all the fearful things that the media was portraying falsely about our society and the world. We started turning back to the inspirations that brought us together as a couple.

Travel was a huge aspect of what initially brought us together. In 2011, we were inspired to start a community based non-profit project called EnergeticXChange that was intended to help people meet each other’s needs. It was our intention to take this on-the-road. It was then we realised that our lifestyle had changed so much in three years that we were no longer tied down to one physical location. We were ready for what was to become a transformative experience traveling Australia. Here we met and lived with indigenous elders of central Australia, who openly shared their wisdom with us. This was the beginning of our Family’s Long-Term Traveling odyssey that has continued without interruption up to this very day.

The last eight years have seen us travel to and live in 50 countries on six continents. Slow traveling, immersing ourselves in the local cultures, learning from and contributing to the communities that we have lived with.

It has seen us grow stronger together as a family, our children living and learning from their experiences, starting at the age of 10 and now flourishing into young adults. This has involved the creation of family businesses in alignment with our family story, such as our Intuition Game   Labour of Love,  and Co-Founding the At Home In The World Family Retreats  and The Family Adventure Academy.

It has also seen the founding of ventures and businesses created by our children themselves. Inspired by our travels, our son Lalika, at 16, turned his passions for finding great travel deals into founding his own Travel Concierge Service and Culturally Immersive Travel Group, Destinator Travel. Our travels also inspired our children to follow their passions in learning, our daughter creating her own travel stories through and being inspired by a particular travel experience to write her own fantasy adventure novel, Dawn of the Guardian,  at the age of 12. This was novel published when she was 14 years old, making her one of the world’s youngest published authors.

These are the experiences that have inspired us to live and travel for around $25K USD a year and we will be exploring the specific motivations and directions during our day together.

Together we will explore:

  • How you can find your direction as a family traveling long-term
  • How you can create the right mix of travel, exploration and living
  • Creating your own travel story that will encompass your meaning and purpose
  • Finding the most cost-effective, convenient modes of travel
  • Finding the most convenient and cost-effective places to live
  • Ways in which you can navigate living long-term in places that have visa restrictions
  • How to reduce your cost of living below that of what you are spending today in the US
  • Ways in which you can reduce by half your cost of health insurance
  • Engaging and connecting with the local communities you live in
  • How you can experience out of the ordinary immersive cultural travel experiences
  • How you can engage in social and community projects that have service and learning involved.
  • How to connect, engage and contribute to the ever growing community of world traveling families

If you’re ready to join me, click here to get your Family Adventure Academy tickets today.

A Gift for you!
Free download of Your Secret Guide to Living in Europe for around 1000€ a month

In this guide, I provide practical tips on how you stretch your family travel budget to live and travel in Europe on around 1000€ a month!


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