Financing Long-Term Family Travel

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In this guide, I provide practical tips and examples from my own journey to help you enjoy the process of building your business each and every day.

Financing a Life of Family Travel, Freedom, and Fulfillment

Day 2 - Facilitated by Brandon Pearce

How do you finance a life of long-term travel? If you’ve seen the survey results compiled in our Family Travel Financial Report, you’ll notice that families are funding their travels in a variety of ways.

Some work at traditional jobs, but do it online. Some work part of the year, and travel for the rest. Some have online businesses. Some find work as they go. Some turn their properties into income-generating investments. Often, families have multiple sources of income, built around passion projects that add meaning (not just money) to their lives.

But how do you actually do those things?

  • How do you create a new online business when you’re already working 9-5 and taking care of your family?
  • How do you find reliable online work that pays well?
  • How do you find the motivation to keep working on a business that isn’t growing as fast as you’d like?
  • How do you create something meaningful that gives you not only more money and location freedom, but also more time to enjoy with your family?

These are the kinds of questions we’ll be answering in detail during Day 2 at Family Adventure Academy.

A little background on me, Brandon Pearce

I created my first online business – Music Teacher’s Helper – to help me manage my own piano students. I had no intention to turn it into a business at first, and when I decided to, I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that I needed to create something that would take better care of my family. I was seeing other people losing their jobs and I didn’t want my income at the mercy of a company who could fire me at any time.

I worked hard for several years to get it off the ground, figuring things out as I went. And I’m so glad I didn’t give up. Because for the past ten years, this business has funded our entire travel adventure with a 6-figure income and a literal 4-hour workweek. (Actually, since I’ve hired a CEO to run it, it’s now a 1-hour workweek business for me.)

Along the way, we also purchased several real estate properties that we rent out as both traditional rentals and vacation rentals, both in the US and abroad.

All of this time and money freedom has given us the opportunity to travel together as a family to over 43 countries, and to grow and learn and deepen our connection together in new ways. It’s also given us the freedom to invest our time in creating other passion projects that are making a difference in the world, like the Family Adventure Summit and Family Adventure Academy.

If you’re looking for help in creating an income source that can give you the lifestyle freedom you’re wanting, then join me at Family Adventure Academy. Here are some of the things we’ll be covering. You’ll:

  • Clarify your essential Driving Force (your “why”) that will propel you to succeed.
  • Create your own detailed Financial Freedom Plan to motivate you on your journey.
  • Clear blocks to your financial mindset that have held you back from earning more
  • Learn about the Three Main Categories of income and their pros and cons
  • Determine which type of income source works best with your goals, and get clear on your next steps to creating it
  • Learn how you can create a thriving low-hour workweek business.
  • Learn the fundamentals of successful real estate investing.
  • Discover the most essential productivity habits for maximizing the quality of your work-time and giving you energy for the day
  • Learn the latest marketing and social media strategies that will get your message out there effectively and authentically
  • Feel empowered to take control of your family’s financial future.

If you’re ready to join me, click here to get your Family Adventure Academy tickets today.

A Gift for you!
Free download of my Enjoying Life NOW Guide

In this guide, I provide practical tips and examples from my own journey to help you enjoy the process of building your business each and every day.


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